Gabriel Metal Casting

Art Guidelines

For logos and graphics to be shown on awards:

We are able to accept artwork in both MAC and PC formats and may be sent by e-mail, CD hard copy, Cloud Service/FTP site or USB thumb drive.

Preferred file formats include:

  • EPS (text outlined / set to paths)
  • TIFF/JPG, 300dpi minimum (72dpi website logos are unusable)
  • AI (text outlined, version CS6)
  • PDF (text outlined / set to paths)

For model or sculpture art:

In order to build the most accurate model or sculpture of your product, the following image guidelines must be met:


  • Images from both a straight-on view (orthographic), from each side must be sent.
  • To increase accuracy, please send as many high resolution photos as possible from every angle possible.
  • For buildings, please send a top view or footprint and side elevations from each direction in addition to photos.
  • If using CAD software, please export the orthographic views as PDF files and remove most of the annotations to save file size.

All art files must meet the following requirements:


  • Non-Vector based files must be converted to black and white line art (not grey-scale). Black areas will be raised and white areas will be recessed.
  • Text must be at 6pt size or larger to be visible when cast.
  • All files should have outlined text or set to paths (preferred). If this is not possible, they must include all fonts.

For 3D Cad Files

*Parametric based files such as .step, .igs, or .sldprt/ .sldasm are the best types to send.
*Mesh based files .stl, .obj are usable, but may look faceted depending on the mesh size.
*Please remove unnecessary details that will not be visible, such as wiring, bolts, springs, and interior details. This will reduce file size and save on setup time. 
*If the files are larger than 10mb, please zip the files and upload to a file sharing service.

We can work with the majority of files submitted to us. However, if the files do not conform to any of the above requirements, additional fees may be assessed at a rate of $50 per hour with a one hour minimum charge to recreate artwork.

We can sculpt or model your custom piece from the pictures, blueprints, line drawings, and/or 3D files that you provide us.

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